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Clients !

"Elsa's charismatic personality and wonderful sense of humor, combined with her remarkable musical gifts and talents, engages audiences of every age clapping for more! She is a natural born entertainer with a twinkle in her eye presenting song and story with a beautiful and powerful voice, and a big, big heart for people !"

"Ms. Elsa, or the "Guitar Lady," brings a bright light of sunshine every time she wallks in to our building with her "Zippidy-Doo-Da Self." The children always look forward to her fun and musical visits. As a school, we love that she reinforces our theme as well as curriculum with the use of sign lanuguage in many of her songs. We cannot say enough about the, "Guitar Lady," as we look forward to every time she comes, and are excited to have her as a part of our school for over six years!"

"We have enjoyed having the Guitar Lady be a part of our family here at Red Rocks.

The children, no matter what age, enjoy the wide variety of entertainment that she shares with us.

She has been with Red Rocks for more than a decade and will continue to be a special part of Red Rocks.

The children look forward to the excitment of her visit."

Jolie Uhrick, Director - Goddard School of Littleton

Tami Lopez, Children's Ministry Director - Waterstone Community Church

Pat Jones, Director - Red Rocks Elementary Kindergarten Enrichment

"Elsa's presence before audiences, on stage and in front of a camera

is done with ease, grace, and is always an Oscar worthy performance."

E. W. Helmick, Writer / Director / Producer - Way Out West Studios

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